Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sunfire to the Sea

A Christmas holiday car trip from Toronto, Ontario, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and back, by the numbers:

Kilometres clocked on aforementioned Sunfire: 3,680

Total driving time: Over 40 hours

Number of coffees consumed by three travellers: 14

Number of hours waiting to get onto the Champlain Bridge in Montreal: 2.5

Number of misunderstood French road signs: roughly 7

Total number of tears shed: 12 (all in Montreal)

Number of different weather conditions encountered: 10 -- sunny, foggy, drizzle, heavy downpour, flurries, white-out conditions, blowing snow, blowing rain (my personal favourite), extreme cold (-25C at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec), unseasonably mild (+9C in Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia)

Number of accidents encountered: 4 (all in the Toronto area; draw your own conclusions)

Number of anxious sighs heard from Amy: 61

Number of bored sighs heard from Luke the dog: 61

Total number of days away: 7

Total number of days Grammar the cat spent ignoring the catsitter: 7