Monday, January 31, 2011

Point Pelee in winter

One of the things I love to do is visit national and provincial parks in the off-season. When the leaves fall and the gates close, the wildlife reclaims these areas. When you visit in the dead of winter, like we did at Point Pelee National Park a couple weeks back, you'd never know that many of these places were flooded with campers and tourists just a few months ago, and will be again a few short months from now.

That was certainly the case at the tip of Point Pelee, which was the very definition of desolation when we walked out a couple weeks ago. Feared in the summer for its treacherous currents, the point is eerily silent in the winter. On this windless day, all we could hear was the cracking of the ice.

Amy spies a flock of waterfowl in the far distance off the east side of the tip, and briefly considers skating after them across Lake Erie's marble-like surface.

The tip itself could easily be confused for Baffin Island or some other Arctic locale. In the far distance, a small group of people scramble over the crumpled shore ice. Swimming near this same spot, where the currents are at their worst in the summer, is a recipe for disaster. But today it's a good place to have a little fun, and be distracted from the monotony of another long Ontario winter.


movita's sister said...

Lovely, even though it's not the sea and therefore will not snatch and kill you.

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