Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midsummer update

Over the past month and more, I've been taking a bit of a sabbatical from creative endeavours -- no extracurricular writing of any kind, really. Not even a blog post.

Part of this has been intentional, and part has been for the very happy reason that I've been spending most of my spare time paddling on Georgian Bay, which has left me very little opportunity to write about it. I'm lucky to have made a couple of glorious trips to the Foster Island area, one of my favourite spots.

One thing that always strikes me about Georgian Bay is that there is always something new to experience, no matter how many times you visit the same place. In June, our usual campsite in this area was full of plant life we hadn't noticed before, including lady slippers like these:

Amy and I also spent a few days on the Naiscoot River. The Naiscoot is a pristine waterway near Bayfield Inlet that takes you out to the open bay through either its Middle or North Channel. The beauty of the Naiscoot is that it's far too shallow and tricky for most motorboats to navigate, but perfect for sea kayaks. The river's South Channel leads from Bayfield Inlet to a small inland lake that looks like it's hardly ever visited by people. Jonathon Reynolds and Heather Smith perfectly capture the essence of this area in their Kayaking Georgian Bay guidebook when they write that this could be the perfect spot if "you are looking for a place to spend a couple nights in solitude."

More on the Naiscoot and other unique corners of Georgian Bay a little later. Meantime, if you do happen to paddle the Naiscoot this summer and can find the small stream that is supposed to connect the Middle and North Channels (you can see what I'm talking about on the topo map), please let me know.

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