Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Much bigger than a dinner plate"

My wife Amy had quite a surprise while she was out for a Saturday afternoon ramble in Presqu'ile Provincial Park:

This guy, a large common snapping turtle she described as "much bigger than a dinner plate," sat on the shoulder of the park's main road, likely considering crossing. Every spring, legions of snappers emerge from Presqu'ile's marshes and travel significant distances, presumably to lay eggs. (According to wikipedia, the peak laying season for snappers is June and July.) Their sheer size and prehistoric appearance can literally scare the hell out of passersby.

And you sure don't want to get too close. Though you wouldn't know it, the snapper can strike with lightning speed, and its bite (especially from one this size) can easily take off a finger or a toe.

Aim decided to use the camera's zoom lens to get these pics. A wise decision, I'd say.

For more on the common snapping turtle, click here.

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