Saturday, March 21, 2009

The thaw

Spring definitely made an appearance in eastern Ontario last weekend. We were there mainly to visit relatives and hit the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival (specifically its pancake breakfast). But after we'd had our fill, Amy, my friend Hadley, her beloved canine Luke and I decided to take a ramble into Presqu'ile Provincial Park to see the evidence of the changing seasons.

These unknown berries were found hanging from the branches of a small tree just off Presqu'ile's main road. We were unsure if they were new or remnants of last year, but they made for an intriguing picture nonetheless.

Amy, Hadley and Luke approach a deceptively inviting-looking Lake Ontario. There was not a whisper of wind that morning, and if you set the chilly temps aside, you'd swear it was high summer. Luke got so caught up in the mood he decided to go for a quick dip...

Never underestimate the canine tolerance for cold water. I've watched dog owners at Cherry Beach in Toronto chuck sticks far out into the lake this time of year, then stand by as their oblivious pets swim out and back, again and again, to bring them in.

No signs of hypothermia this morning, either, though Luke did perform this unique high step (to everyone's delight) for a few minutes before finally giving up.

In other news, my talk at the Port Dover Harbour Museum last Thursday seemed to go over really well. It was a great opportunity to road-test my new Lake Erie history PowerPoint presentation (yes, I'm available for parties).

Thanks again to curator Ian Bell and his staff for being such great hosts!

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