Sunday, November 30, 2008

A forgotten storm

Minnesota Public Radio recently conducted an interesting interview with author Curt Brown on his new book, So Terrible A Storm.

Here on the lower Great Lakes, we don't hear much about the history of Lake Superior's distant north shore, but in this interview, Brown, a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, gives a neat summation of the horrendous storm that lashed the region in 1905. The event has largely faded from memory, but a number of vessels were lost, including the freighter Mataafa, pictured here, which foundered after getting hung up on one of Duluth's piers.

For the full interview, click here and follow the link under "audio" on the right-hand side.

For more on the Mataafa, click here.


Andrew Slade said...

Good luck with your new book, and thanks for thinking of us up here on Lake Superior. It sounds like you and I have a lot in common...small press, Great Lakes, sea kayaking...I'll keep watching your blog, with interest!

Chad said...

Hey, thanks a lot, Andrew. I've yearned to get up there over the past couple summers, but life kept intervening. I have an ironclad pact with myself to do it next year. I'm sure it's stunning.

Happy paddling.