Sunday, August 24, 2008

Media update

So I'm told that there is a good-sized feature on Lake Erie Stories in this week's Kingsville Reporter. If you're in the Kingsville area, run out and grab yourself a copy (and please tell me what it says -- the Reporter doesn't post its content online). Apparently we're on page 10.

Lake Erie Stories continues to get traction with the local media in the southwest of the province, which is really gratifying. If you're in that area two weeks from Monday (September 8), tune into A Channel Morning around 8:45 a.m. I'll be there -- live.

Will there be makeup? God, I hope so. For my last TV appearance, on Leamington's local station, CFTV, for a 30-minute book program called The Story Teller (check back here for updates on when that will air), I was told that the shirt I was wearing was "too busy" and would "pulsate" on camera, so I was left in the tight black T-shirt I was wearing underneath. Kind of a fifth-rate George Strombolopolous approach to local history.

Fortunately, the show went great. And from now on, we will show up in what a friend calls "a nice conservative dress shirt." Lesson learned.

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