Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fit to print

Last week, the Lake Erie Beacon published a glowing review of Lake Erie Stories. The Beacon is a bi-weekly broadsheet newspaper distributed to pretty well all the communities along Lake Erie's north shore. In other words, prime real estate for a review of a Lake Erie history book.

Reviewer (and long-time London radio personality) Dick Williams called Lake Erie Stories "an engaging summer read" that will "more than intrigue and inform you." Of chapter 2, on the Battle of Lake Erie, Williams writes, "Fraser brings to life the ferocious Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812, complete with broadsides of cannon fire, toppling masts and dying sailors and puts you in the thick of the conflict." He also described the book as a "fast-paced read."

Thanks to Dick and the good people at the Lake Erie Beacon for taking the time to give Lake Erie Stories a look.

Incidentally, I was down in Leamington this weekend doing some other book media (including an entire 30-minute TV show, which was lots of fun). More on these and other exciting developments soon.

Stay tuned!

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