Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hyping the hype...

I have it on reasonably good authority that the Lake Erie Beacon, a small newspaper serving the communities along the Canadian Lake Erie shoreline, will soon be running a review of Lake Erie Stories. So if you live in one of these little towns, keep an eye out for the next issue (or perhaps the one after that) of the Beacon. We should know what it thinks of my tome shortly.

In other community-media news, I'm scheduled to do a half-hour interview with Marlene Markham, host of The Story Teller, a 30-minute TV show running on CFTV, Leamington's community station, on August 9. It's a taped interview, so I'm not sure when it will actually hit the airwaves of my hometown, but I'll keep you posted. It's gratifying to see the book get its first little bit of media traction, especially in the place that started it all.

Meantime, I continue to become more brazen about wandering into bookstores and haranguing them into ordering Lake Erie Stories. This weekend's target was Lighthouse Books, in the little town of Brighton, Ontario. It was a little tricky, because Brighton is actually on Lake Ontario, but stories of rummrunning, shipwrecks, and other nautical excitement are pretty universal, aren't they?

So if you are an eastern Ontarian craving tales from the western frontier, keep an eye on Lighthouse books. Perhaps a couple copies of Lake Erie Stories will pop up there shortly.

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