Monday, May 5, 2008

And at the end of the fourth year...

There was a very real, concrete, hold-in-your-hand book.

It is a very strange feeling holding your first book for the very first time. I felt the adrenaline surge through my body as Amy and I rode the elevator up to Dundurn's office last Thursday morning to pick up my first copy. My head buzzed as I took it from the publicist's hand. She said something pleasant, I remember not what, and then Amy and I went outside, where she snapped this picture. There had not even been time for coffee.

In the days since, I have been behaving much like I believe a new parent would, both beaming with pride and nervously examining my new bundle of joy for any major defect -- what a friend calls the "career-ending moment."

But I have found nothing of any note so far. The folks at Dundurn did a top-notch editorial and production job on Lake Erie Stories, and whatever her life has in store for her, I can rest assured that she sure looks good. She's now sitting on my bookshelf at home, wedged between the Bruce Trail guidebook and a mapbook of Lake Ontario's Waterfront recreation trail. Yep, just another book to add to the library. Nothing to see here.

And as I write this, Dundurn's distributor is busy packing Lake Erie Stories into boxes and sending her out into the world. If you ordered online, you should see yours very soon, I would think, and it should be out in Canadian bookstores by about three to four weeks from now.

Meantime, I nervously await my first review.

What a ride.


Natalie said...

Congrats on the book, Chad. What a great accomplishment!

Chad said...

Hey thanks, Natalie. Hope you're having a nice spring. Or as they call it out there, winter.

David Leach said...

Congrats!! (And thanks for putting my book on your nightstand.) As a writer friend of mine told (warned?) me, this is the moment to savour most: when you've finally got the fruit of many years' work in your hands. Everything else is a bonus.

Chad Fraser said...

Sage advice, David. Thanks for offering it. I'm always amazed by the power of the blogs -- I was just sitting down to read the last few pages of Fatal Tide when I saw your comment. I've devoured the book, and can appreciate all the sweat (literally!) that must have gone into it.

Anonymous said...

Happy day, m'dear! And hearty congrats. xoHadley

movita said...

Congrats on learning to write.


Stacey said...

very cool to hear from David Leach!
Look at all the hype you're getting already! I can't wait to read my copy and have the author sign it!
congratulations again!

Chad Fraser said...

You are all too kind. I hope you'll be able to make the Toronto launch, which is in the planning stages at the moment. If it's where I'm thinking, the room is free as long as we spend over $500 at the bar. So bring friends, or the difference comes out of my royalties (which means I'll essentially be in the hole).