Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shipwrecks online

If you're interested in Lake Erie shipwrecks, today's Cleveland Plain Dealer has a web site for you.

The paper ran a story about a new site, (or officially Shipwrecks & Maritime Tales of the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail), where professional divers, sport divers, students, and Great Lakes history geeks of all types can go to learn more about the many wrecks that lie in Ohio's waters. Once there, you can check out interactive maps and, on some wrecks, detailed histories, photos, and even video footage taken by divers.

You can visit the site, run by the Ohio Sea Grant, by clicking on the link above or here. I've also added it to the "Great Lakes links" nav bar on the left side of this blog.

To read the Cleveland Plain Dealer story, click here.

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