Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An accidental hoax

Well it turns out that the life preserver found on Lake Superior's Keeweenaw Peninsula isn't from the Edmund Fitzgerald after all. Nope, turns out the ring, found recently by a vacationing family, is actually from a nearby cottage. The owner, it seems, bought the lifesaving device at a yard sale twenty years ago and stencilled "Edmund Fitzgerald" on it as a salute to the lost freighter and her crew.

“He wasn’t trying to deceive anyone ... The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald was big news at the time, still is for that matter, and he thought a ring with the ship’s name on it was perfect for the cabin,” Dan Edwards told The Sault Star. Edwards' father in law is the owner of the cottage and the original owner/creator of the life ring.

Click here for the full Sault Star story.

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