Friday, July 27, 2007

Author photo, a contest, and more!

Behold, one of a tiny handful of decent pictures of me currently in existence. My wife Amy took it on the beach at my parents' house in Leamington, Ontario, last spring and it's looking like it will appear on the back cover or inside flap of the Lake Erie book, which is still slated to come out next May. Fittingly, that's old Erie you see in the background, doing her best impression of a lovely, tranquil swimming pool.

Work on the manuscript continues apace. Jacket/catalogue copy and my bio are largely finished, and there are some good leads on cover images. I've even submitted a few of my own shots in an effort to help things along, such as this menacing nineteenth-cenury cannon from the ramparts of Fort Malden in Amherstburg.

Which brings me to the title.

There was some concern that "Incredible Tales of Lake Erie" might be a little too, well, superficial for a book with so much historical content in it. So, I've been asked to make some alternate suggestions. That's where I hope you might help. Below is a partial, and by no means comprehensive, list of ideas that I baked up this morning. Do me a favour -- have a look, pick the one you like best, and let me know. Or suggest another -- you could end up seeing your favourite one in print! (Sadly, that's the only prize my meagre contest budget will allow.) You can post your thoughts here. Thanks!

True Stories of Lake Erie

Lake Erie: The Human Experience

Breaking Waves: Stories of Struggle and Survival on Lake Erie

Shifting Shoals: True Stories of Adventure on Lake Erie

Survival and Sacrifice: Tales of Adventure on Lake Erie

Legends of the Lake: True Stories of Adventure on Lake Erie

Soldiers, Sailors, and Settlers: True Tales of Adventure on Lake Erie

Waves of Change: Stories from Lake Erie's Past

Waves of Change: Tales of Adventure from Lake Erie's Past


Stacey said...

I actually like this one....

Legends of the lake - true stories of adventure on lake erie

Simple. It let's you know that there's gonna to be some stories, and that they're true, but some might be legend, and that there was some adventure on Lake Erie.
I like it. my opinion
I also like that picture of you, it's perfect.

Chad said...

Thanks, Stace. I'll mark one down for Legends of the Lake. I'm still not quite sure of that title, because legends aren't always true, but I think the subtitle is going the right way.

Naming your baby is really tough. And she has to live with it the rest of her life. What pressure.