Sunday, April 1, 2007

Harbour cam

The weather in Toronto was good enough yesterday to bust out of the apartment for a bit of cycling. I took the opportunity to see what's shaking down at the harbour, where I haven't really been since last fall.

The freighter Algobay sits in Toronto's inner harbour. The ice isn't quite gone yet, as you can see up near the Algobay's bow. The massive self-unloader has been moored here since 2002 and is said to be in need major steelwork and equipment upgrades, so who knows what will become of her.

You can read more about the Algobay's history (including two serious collisions she's been involved in on the Lakes) here.

Some early-season windsurfing at Cherry Beach. Air temperature: 6C. Water temperature: 3C. Hope you brought your drysuit.

The lifeguard station at Cherry Beach stands at the ready. The place was largely deserted except for me and an old guy out walking his dog. But in total defiance of proper economics, the chip truck was open.

Too bad I wasn't really hungry.

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