Friday, April 6, 2007

'06 Georgian Bay retrospective

Well, it is far too cold and crappy here in Toronto on this "Good" Friday to go out and do much of anything. As it turns out, napping and packing for our upcoming move have been the order of the day.

So, I have been going through things and have run across a number of gems from last year's paddling season. I am posting them here for your viewing pleasure. Consider it a "best-of" show.

The village of Killarney, about six hours north of Toronto, was founded in the 1820s as a fur-trading post and remained largely isolated until highway 637 opened in 1962. As a result, it remains almost entirely undeveloped and has retained much of its nineteenth-century charm. It's literally like taking a step back in time. More Killarney history here.

Gereaux Island, northern Georgian Bay. Canadian Shield at its best. The island is also home to one of the Bay's oldest lighthouses, a wooden beauty erected in 1880.

Phillip Edward Island is one of the most isolated places you'll find on the Bay. This wasn't always the case; fisheries and lumber companies flourished here in the late nineteenth century, but resource depletion led to the demise of both. Today, it's hard to find much evidence they were ever here.

The train don't come here no more. All that is left of Collins Inlet, now a ghost town near the eastern end of Phillip Edward Island. It pulled up stakes and disappeared in 1913 after the lumber industry went bust. But the supports for the once massive wooden piers, where schooners used to dock and load timber, remain.

Camp, south side of Gereaux Island. Temperature: about 25C. Hard to believe that's even possible today.

Insta-shelter, Foster Island. Take one tarp, stretch between two trees and lash to both halves of spare paddle. Tie off to local boulders. Ride out storm.

Foster Island: it was thought, briefly, that this seductive swimming technique might lure local bass into the area for catching and eating purposes. It didn't.


Anonymous said...

Great shots... love the picture of the Eva Mac lying in the grass. I know that boat very well.

Can I use that shot on my Killarney site if I give you the credit?

I run - if you like all things Killarney - take a look.
Enjoyed your post.

Killarney Dan

Chad said...

Hi, Dan,

Thanks for the note. Feel free to go ahead and use the image. I'll definitely check out your site!