Monday, March 5, 2007

Bobby who?

Parry Sound was in the news this week, claiming a spot as one of explore magazine's 10 best Canadian outdoor towns.

I couldn't agree more. Parry Sound is a well-kept secret that has largely done development right (I'm looking at you, Collingwood). The downtown is cozy and well-preserved, with gorgeous brick buildings dating back to its lumber-town roots at the turn of the twentieth century. Independent cafes and restaurants ring the sound itself, and are great places to spend a sweltering summer day eating ice cream and watching the floatplanes take off.

Parry Sound is also the home of Bobby Orr, whose stick-wielding figure greets you as you cross the town limits. There is no name and no face on the giant wooden cut-out -- Parry Sound, it seems, assumes you know whose house you're in.

We've spent many a day in Parry Sound, using it as a jumping-off point to Georgian Bay's many wonders, like Franklin Island, with its pristine white pine forests and cool abandoned lumber camp, and the stunning Killbear Provincial Park, where people show up in June, park their trailers and never seem to leave. (It boasts the longest average stay of any Ontario park.) Amy's love of its granite cliffs is obvious in this photo.

Yes, perhaps one day we'll even move there and live in one of these.

It's nice to dream.

See for more or click here for the explore site.

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