Sunday, February 18, 2007

Godforsaken sea

If you want to get a sense of the awesome power of the Great Lakes, there is really no better time to visit than in the dead of a frigid Canadian winter. This weekend I spent some time at Presqu'ile Provincial Park on Lake Ontario, near where my in-laws live in the little town of Brighton. The shots give me the shivers (on many levels).

This one is of some rare open water on the lake side of the park, which is essentially a peninsula:

Meanwhile, on the bay side, the waves have been washing up as high as these low-hanging branches, creating a stunning frozen waterfall effect:

And it looks as though you could walk all the way out to Gull Island, but you wouldn't get very far on this slush ice.

It's hard to believe that just across the lake from these sleepy scenes, residents of New York State are still struggling to dig out of over ten feet of snow. You can read about the plight of these poor folk here.

So get your skates sharpened. Ice-out's a ways off yet.

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