Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adventures in television

My boss, Mindy, runs the Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario and was invited to take part in a live show called Animal Housecalls on CP24. You know it, the station that has more than 13 things going on all at once: stocks, weather, sports, headlines, and lest we forget, in the very top left corner, live programming. It is essentially news for the insane.

So Mindy, obviously scraping the bottom of her potential assistant list, asked me to come on with her and basically pet this dog, whose name is Barbie, and try not to make a scene. This was done with modest success (though I did stand up a little too early at the end, blocking a monitor and touching off a bit of furious waving among the crew). Mindy sat at the table chatting up the host while I was crouched underneath it, aiming poor Barbie at the camera. Though she's exceedingly cute, and quite old (the topic was senior dogs) we were dramatically shown up by the SPCA lady who came on before us with husky puppies. Pretty tough to beat that.

So if you were in a dentist or doctors' office, lobby, airport bar or tattoo parlour last week, you might've seen the beginnings of my invasion of the Canadian airwaves. You may keep it to yourself if I looked ridiculous.

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